How work from home is another way to destroy your personal life

“I am doing 5-days work in one day at home. We have to work like robots and report every 30 minutes. This is a torture. Things were better when we used to go to office.”

Novel CORONA Pandemic is here! Like any other emergency situation, Bankers have been ordered to remain at the frontline to help public. But this time a new style of work has been introduced in banking and other sector- WORK FROM HOME. But this strategy of WORK FROM HOME is doing nothing but destroy the little personal life of bankers. Here’s how:

Work from Home in Banks
  • Work from HOME means you have to prove that you are actually working for 8 hours. Banks are coming up with various means to check that you actually work for 8 hours. Some banks have introduced online portals to update every single minute of your stay at home, while some have introduced special apps to monitor your time. Our analysis shows that you are actually made to work more at home than what you work at your office. The situation is actually beneficial for the employer than for the employees.
  • Work from Home is seen as a special relaxation to the employees. Thus, additional tasks and projects are given. Since you are already at home, the employer assumes that there is nothing that you have to do at home. Thus, additional work is thrown at you with no regard to your personal space and time.
  • For the employee/banks, work from home means lesser use of office facilities and less expenses. Thus the banks are able to get more from its staff. The general rules of office work are relaxed now, and that means that staff can be burdenend with unlimited work. That is why many companies are now considering to make work from home an integral part of the organization.
  • For employees who are stuck at outstations, work from home has become a great favour (एहसान) of the employer. Thus, you have to do anything and everything that is asked, without questioning if it is right or not.
Banker work from home meme
humko maro humko zinda mat chhodo saalo

At last, one simple reply if you are not ok with the terms of work from home is : LEAVE WITHOUT PAY or worse- TERMINATION of service. It seems the COVID19 situation has put us all in a helpless situation.

Let’s hope things will get better soon.

Till then, stay at home and work from home. 😉

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