Desi Vs Modern Banker: This is how banks are deciding your image as a banker

Banks in India are changing fast. From working with bulky ledgers to high tech computers, banks have come a long way in terms of technology involved. But have you realized how banks are also deciding upon your image as a ‘Desi’ or ‘Modern’ banker? Here’s how :

Merely working on computers does not make you a modern banker.

We’ll show you how banks can drastically change your life and future, merely through your job profile.

Desi Banker: serving the nation

Mr. Manoj belongs to Delhi, and joined the bank in 2012 as a probationary officer. He was given his first posting in a remote village in Rajasthan. Thinking that it’s only a matter of 2 years of rural service, Mr Manoj accepted the role and started serving in the village.

Two years completed, but Manoj did not get any transfer. Later, he was transferred to another rural branch. He served in the rural areas for more than 7 years. All this experience changed his personality a lot.

Bank memes village.jpg

Bank, later decided that he was more suited to serve in the rural and semi-urban centres, and thus sealed his future in rural India.

Manoj’s personality changed radically over the years. He was no longer a person from an urban centre. His personality had changed completely and the bank has marked him to serve only in the rural and semi-urban centres.

Bank memes

Modern Banker: the Lucky ones

Mr Ketan hails from Allahabad and joined bank in 2016. He was lucky enough to get his first posting in the corporate office in Mumbai. From day one, he was given exposure to the most advance corporate systems and clientele. Ketan was soon given another posting in a corporate Forex office, where he was able to get exposure of international finance system.

The bank marked his profile as an eligible candidate for Corporate offices and international banking.

Later, at the time of promotion interviews, both the candidates were screened. While Manoj was observed to be lacking in the required international and corporate exposure, Ketan was found to be a suitable candidate for further promotions.

Here, without any fault of any of the candidates, the bank made decisions based on random choice of posting.

The biggest irony of the situation is that no one can point any error in this system. If a person is stuck in rural postings or posting in remote areas, a major part of his career is spent at such places ; whereas, bank is very liberal to those who serve at corporate offices or other administrative offices.

Bank memes on transfers

This is how banks have created a division among bankers in terms of DESI AND MODERN BANKERS.

While desi bankers often get adapted to the rural environment they serve in, they often loose the qualities that are most appreciated by the corporate offices.

The Modern bankers of corporate offices, administrative offices and metro areas are, on the other hand, better equipped with the corporate culture and norms.

This is how banking has changed today.

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