5 Bank rules that are impossible to follow

Have you ever seen a person working in a bank and living by all the rules that banks have for us?

It might be a challenge to find such a person because believe it or not it is almost impossible to follow every rule of the bank for its staff.

Here’s why:

Rule 1. Bank staff is not supposed to leave the headquarters without permission.

Every bank has this common rule for its staff that you require permission to leave the headquarters. So, if you are among those who live hundreds of kilometers away from your home because of your job in bank, technically you need to take permission everytime you leave your headquarters.


Practically it is not possible for anyone to get such permission officially. And every banker, in one way or another, breaks this rule almost every month.

Rule 2. Receiving gifts and monetary benefits

Bank’s guidelines specifically state that accepting gifts from anyone other than close family should be desisted. Even in case of your close family, you need to declare the gifts recieved if the value of such gifts of greater than 500.

Accepting gifts

Practically, it is not possible. Given the Indian customs and traditions, exchange of gifts is very common. And it’s not possible to declare every single occasion of gifts recieved.

Rule 3: maintaining accounts with other financial institutions.

Every bank employee has given a declaration in writing that their employer will be intimated regarding the accounts maintained with other financial institutions. Be it a credit card or a loan facility or simply a saving account, you need to intimate your bank regarding the nature of your transactions.


In the times of competitive offers, It becomes difficult to intimate the bank regarding such things. Though many of us make this declaration in the annual declaration.

Rule 4: Allowances Vs Actual expenditure

Generally, bankers are paid various allowances for different reasons. For instance, entertainment allowance, house maintenance, annual medical allowance etc.

But if you compare the amount paid with the amount that you actually need to spend on such things, you’ll find a huge gap.

low allowances

It is difficult to figure that what kind of entertainment, or house maintenance is possible is such a meagre amount. All these amounts do no sync with the time value of money.

Rule 5: family planning for a banker

Bank job puts you in a dilemma. You always have to make choices between your career and family.

family Vs Career

Even if you are lucky enough to be living with your family, you are always worried about the coming years, and there is a certainty that you’ll have to live away from your family. This not only puts a mental and emotional pressure on your health but also affects your family.

So can you follow all the bank rules?

These 5 points are only a few illustrations of how difficult it is to do your job and follow bank’s service conditions.

An unfortunate fact is that these things are not taken up anywhere. We remain so busy getting our wages revised that there is no time left for improvement of service conditions.

While banking is aggressively moving towards privatisation, our service conditions are far from the corporate culture that is desperately required.


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