JAIIB preparation: how, when and why to start?

Every banker knows JAIIB for one reason! It gives you an additional increment in your pay grade. Thus, having qualified the JAIIB is one of the most fruitful accomplishments for a banker.

Gone are the days when qualifying JAIIB was a challenging task. The pattern of the exam does not require you to write descriptive answers. A careful study of a couple of months can easily enable to you qualify the exam.

Why should I do JAIIB?

Answer is simple.

  1. It’ll give you additional increment, increased salary
  2. Having JAIIB proves your worth as a qualified banker
  3. You might also get some advantage in promotion interviews.

Will I be able to study for it? How difficult is it?

If you are already a banker, and have been into banking since a few years then you’ll have a nice experience dealing with the exam. JAIIB tests all the aspects of banking that a banker is expected to perform.

So, do not feel demotivated by the fact that you might find it difficult to study for an exam. Just consider it as a revision of the work you do in the bank.

Difficulty level of JAIIB is not too high. You shall find atleast 60% of the portion as familiar. The exam is divided into three parts, which take place in different days.

Candidates are required to score a minimum of 50% overall average, and minimum 45% in single exam. In case, only one out of three could not be qualified, candidates get another attempt to qualify the same.

How to prepare for JAIIB?

You get sufficient amount of time after applying for the exam on IIBF website.

You can get the full syllabus through the IIBF website. Click here to see the syllabus

There are two approaches that candidates follow:

  • Prepare from coaching notes / question banks.

Coaching might be helpful if you an absolute fresher to the banking system. But if you have even a small amount of experience in the banking system, you do not require any major coaching. Rather, your work experience will help you in understanding the topics.

You may, however, require some guidance of any particular segment in which you’ve not worked. But a cursory study of your bank’s circulars and book of instructions would help you get what is required to pass the JAIIB.

Also, there are a large number of question banks available in the market. As per our study, most of these question banks have more or less the same questions, with different order. You may utilize such question banks to check your preparation and areas to focus. However, it is strongly advised that you must not leave the task of exam preparation on these question banks.

  • Preparation by books

The best way to prepare for the JAIIB is to cover all the topics and aspects, with an objective to utilize the same for challenges to come. The experts of banking and faculty members from various banks have stressed the utility of the books specifically published by IIBF for JAIIB exam. It is advisable to atleast go through the books atleast ones, in order to get an acquaintance with the topics.

For the JAIIB, there are three books released by IIBF:

  1. Principles of banking
  2. Accounting
  3. Legal

You can directly visit flipkart IIBF JAIIB books through this link 

It has been observed that the candidates find the first paper (principles) relatively easier, than the latter two, the reason being, slightly specialized questions in the latter two exams.

By our experience, bankers find the questions in the first papers familiar to what they practice in their everyday works. However, we recommend preparing well for the Accounts and Legal papers, as it might require some amount of preparation.

We also found a few blogs and sites that offer help for the fellow bankers in preparing for JAIIB:

  1.  http://www.jaiibcaiibmocktest.com/jaiib-material.php
  2. https://jaiib.co.in/study-material-1/
  3. https://learningsessions.in/


There are so many places where you can get material to study from, but we recommend our fellow bankers to clear the concepts by reading goods books, and then moving on with the questions papers.

If you are confident about continuing your journey as a banker, we highly recommend that you should go ahead with JAIIB and CAIIB, to get the most of your career.

Mail us @ Contact@bankerforum.com if you have any query regarding your preparation, and we shall be glad to reply.


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